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Lawn Aeration and compost top dressing

Lawn aeration and compost top dressing is the secret weapon to a healthy lawn. Aeration involves “coring” the lawn with a machine leaving holes in as many places as possible. This allows the roots to breath and allows essential nutrients into the soil. Compost top dressing the lawn immediately after aeration fills the holes with the compost, helping to break up clay soil and flooding the root system with essential biology that will make the lawn thrive.

Benefits of Compost Top Dressing:
    • The Single Best Process to Converting to an Organic Lawn
    • Cultivating an Organic lawn is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. A lush, green and healthy lawn is possible with the right tools and a little patience. Compost tea and Organic fertilizer over time will convert the underlying soils to a more Organic and natural state.
    • Reduce Your Dependence on Chemical Treatments in the Landscape
    • The primary and most often recognized benefit from using compost is the ability to reduce your dependence on chemicals. You have chemicals for things like fertilization, weed control, fungus control, and of course those pesky insects! Good quality composts will contain the proper nutrients to tackle those problem areas largely in an organic form. While chemical treatments may solve some intended problems, these products could be causing destruction to your lawn. As a result, chemical treatments are nothing more than a band aid solution to a much bigger and complicated problem.
    • Helps Plants Grow and Survive Longer
    • The success of your plants health is directly related to the condition and fertility of the soil it is planted in. Flowering plants or plants that produce vegetables rely the most on healthy soil. The results are visible in the amount of flowers or the size and amount of fruit produced.
    • Increases the Microbial Activity with the Addition of Beneficial Microbes Compost by itself has the ability to support a large and diverse population of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes. Also, a healthy soil can be home to over 13,000 different organisms. Research has shown that certain microbes can play an important role in inhibiting plant pathogens and suppressing various turf diseases.
    • Reduces Irrigation


    Water is the gift of life. Water will need to be accounted and planned for in order to have a successful landscape. As your lawn becomes more organic you will see a dramatic reduction in the needs for irrigation.

    Reducing Thatch Buildup in the Lawn
    Thatch is a layer of dead plant material that resides at the soil level. It is comprised of old grass clippings and other matter that has not decayed back into the soil. While a small amount of thatch is normal in an organically active and healthy lawn, an elevated layer on the surface of the soil will deprive the lawn of much needed oxygen, water, and nutrients. Adding organic matter to your soil can relieve the choking effects of thatch.

    Additionally, lawn aeration, the application of Compost Tea followed by the application of Organic fertilizers are a positive and lasting approach to combating thatch.

    Available anywhere in the Houston area.

    Aeration and Humates

    This service provides a soil conditioning product. Available in Conroe and North Houston area (nothing south of 99 or east of 45).